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About the Farm

Who We Are

All horses have access to food, water and room to move. It's a simple concept but so often lost.

This 25 acre property only houses 15 horses in order to allow your horse the space to be a horse.  We feed small grass/alfalfa bales multiple times a day to ensure quality and provide clean water 24/7. 

Here your horse is our horse, so we treat them like it!


What We Do

This facility focuses on individualized care for horses based on what your horse needs. Not every horse is the same, so their care should reflect who they are as individuals. We pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for your horse to thrive!

What We Believe

Observation is key. Owner lives on site! It's important to us to monitor your horses closely. Any significant changes to your horses routine or behavior will be discussed. Barn owner regularly comes to vet check ups to ensure the continuing care plan is in the best interest of the horse. 

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